Custom Token Importing

The Infinity Wallet provides the ability to manage non-whitelisted tokens for integrated chains, by importing them as a custom asset. An imported token can be used to send, receive, monitor and manage. However for a project to gain full benefit of the Infinity Wallet a token can whitelist, bringing additional features and exposure as a default token to thousands of Infinity Wallets users.

You can find a list of supported chains for custom importing here

For more information on the whitelisting process, providing tokens with further exposure and access to a range of additional benefits, follow the link below.

pageAdd a Chain or Token

Importing a custom token

To import a custom token, go to Settings > Assets and then click the button Add Custom Token.

The "Add Custom Token" pop-up will appear. Select the network or chain you want to add the token for, then enter a valid token contract address in the input box titled "Contract Address" and click Add Token. In this example we will import the Tron token on the Binance Smart Chain, however you can add any valid token on any of the supported blockchains under the network drop-down selector.

If you do not know the contract address of the token you are looking to add, there are a few resources you can use, such as the explorers linked next to each chain on this page however be cautious to import the correct token and verify the address with the project.

Remove a custom token

To remove any custom added token, or to enable/disable it, go to Settings > Assets.

Default listed coins or tokens cannot be removed, however you can disable them if they have no balance. While imported tokens can be disabled or removed with or without balance.

On clicking the red X in the custom token's box, it will be removed and can be added again in the future by importing it again. To instead enable/disable any coin or token, simply click on the token's box to toggle its status.

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