Wallet Connect to any DApp or Web3 Platform

On the Infinity Wallet users can access any Dapp or Web3 platform. The Infinity Wallet is the first desktop wallet to support connecting to Dapps and DeFi platforms bringing a new and enhanced experience to users that previously had to use less secure and feature-less browser extensions.

Users can access a DApp or Web3 platform via two methods:

  • Infinity Wallet Web3 Browser - Our own internal feature removing the need to use a browser, allowing users to access a DApp directly within the Infinity Wallet while providing a wide range of benefits over browser-extension wallets.

Web3 Browser & Web3 DApp Store
  • Wallet Connect - Allows users to connect to DApps both on the web via their browser or DApps that are accessible via their own client. Its main use is for connecting to DApps that can't be supported in the Web3 Browser such as games or other platforms that run their own client and are not accessible via a domain.

By supporting Wallet Connect along with the Web3 Browser we ensure that the Infinity Wallet is able to support users in all possible scenarios when connecting their wallet to a DApp or Web3 platform. Making Infinity Wallet the only Desktop wallet providing complete access to the entire DApp and Web3 ecosystem (more than any Browser extension) across multiple-chains within the space and providing unprecedent access to all.

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect is a connection protocol which allows users to connect their wallet to DApps outside of the Infinity Wallet. Wallet connect provides users with the ability to access DApps and Web3 platform that may not be accessible via a domain for use with the Web3 Browser.

To provide the ability to allow users to connect to any DApp or Web3 platform on desktop we developed our own desktop QR scanning technology to make the process of connecting on desktop as easy and hassle free as possible.

To connect by using Wallet Connect its very simple, if the DApp has active the Wallet Connect list of wallets then a user can simply select Infinity Wallet to one-click connect (on Desktop and Mobile), however if the DApp only allows scanning a QR code to connect then all a user needs to do is select to scan the QR code using our QR technology and then drag the scanner over the QR code to connect their wallet securely using Wallet Connect.

Modules Web3 Browser & Wallet Connect

Here are a couple of examples of the popup modules for "Approving Connect" and "Confirming Transaction".

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