Business Partnerships

The Infinity ecosystem is constantly growing and always attempting to address new innovative approaches in decentralized finance, as the ultimate gateway for all things DeFi & Web3. We are always looking for new partnerships and collaborations to bring further value and innovation to the projects, ecosystem and the industry.

Establishing partnerships and collaborating with other parties is the core principal to bring true value and wide scale adoption globally, helping to advance and further establish a decentralized financial system for the people.

We are always open to collaboration with other projects including DApps, coins/tokens, exchanges, developers or any other crypto related projects or financial institutions. Additionally, we welcome partnerships with any others whose areas of activity overlap with the ethos of the Infinity ecosystem.

Please don't contact us directly or via email for customer support, that is not what this is for and if you do contact us we won't respond. If you are interested in getting help with the products then use the correct channels for support such as Discord, Telegram or for the Infinity Wallet the live support.

We encourage interested parties to clearly detail their proposals and send them to the following email, or contact one of the team on Telegram or Discord. Email:

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