Features & Notable Advancements

The Infinity Wallet provides a wide range of features and services for both novice and advanced users alike. All within a single platform sporting a premium interface crafted for the best user experience. Working closely with the community to create the perfect user environment, with constant developments to provide exactly what users want and need. Currently the Infinity Wallet is one of very few DeFi platforms bringing real value to decentralized finance. Working to fulfil the needs of users globally with a seamless interface and a growing set of features and services that users would expect from decentralized finance, currently lacking across most platforms within the space. Listed below are some of the general features and what the Infinity Wallet can do, followed by a more in-depth explanation of some of the core features of the Infinity Wallet.

  • Supporting over 2,000,000+ cryptocurrencies and 25,000+ DApps across 21 chains;

  • Custom token importing for chains with tokens;

  • Cross-chain sending, currently supporting BC & BSC;

  • Connect to any Dapp or DeFi platform in seconds (Browser-less DApps or Wallet connect);

  • D2FA integration providing extra wallet security;

  • Automatically optimized and user customizable transaction fees;

  • Ability to custom change a transaction fee;

  • Export all transactions or filtered transactions in a click;

  • Create multiple unique wallets or local accounts if you are sharing a device;

  • Drag and scan QR code technology developed for easy desktop scanning;

  • Decentralized payment requests;

  • Address book management;

  • Manage multiple wallets at the same time;

  • Multiple wallet type options with more to come;

  • Stay up to date with the latest news and statistics;

Additionally we have many future developments planned which can be found in the roadmap. To bring further cutting edge advancements, as the leading all-in-one DeFi & Web3 wallet providing all a user would ever need.

Core Infinity Wallet Features

pageManage your entire portfolio at a glancepageWeb3 Browser & Web3 DApp StorepageInstant cross-border payments & Wallet ManagementpageManage, View & Trade NFTspageCross-chain Swaps & BridgingpageDEX AggregatorpageFiat on/off Ramp to buy or sell cryptopageMonitor the marketpageNewspageWallet Connect to any DApp or Web3 PlatformpageCustom Token ImportingpageFuture Protocol Services

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