Add a Chain or Token

Chain Listing

We strive to integrate new chains of the highest quality, with an ever-growing selection of leading blockchains. Any coin can apply to have their chain integrated into the Infinity Wallet and gain access to hundreds of thousands of new users, marketing, continuous exposure/awareness to new users and integration into the many unique features and services of the Infinity Wallet.

Each chain listing application will be reviewed on a case by case basis, depending on the amount of work needed for the integration, support and ongoing maintenance required.

To apply for integration of your chain, fill in the following form:

Token Whitelisting

Whitelisting will add a token to the default supported tokens on the Infinity Wallet, providing whitelisted tokens with many benefits. This will allow anyone to easily view and access the token instantly across the wallet, without needing to manually import the token via its contract address.

Whitelisted tokens benefit from being viewable by default to hundreds of thousands of Infinity Wallet users, gaining increased continuous exposure/awareness and making it easier to access for existing token holders. As well as increased community credibility, access to a range of additional features and services, instant use, marketing and much more.

Whitelisting requires a token's team or community to apply using this form or contact us on Discord ( by opening a ticket via the #ticket-support channel.

To whitelist a token it requires a one-time $4,500 fee;

To apply for whitelisting on the Infinity Wallet please complete the following form so we can review your project:

Token Custom List Integration

Tokens that don't want to whitelist or don't pass the review for whitelisting can apply to receive custom styles and further information, visible when imported by a user into the Infinity Wallet. This allows any token to gain additional credibility and a professional feel when manually imported across the ecosystem, while providing them with:

  • Custom logo of the token;

  • Custom color within the Infinity Wallet;

  • Fiat price display for the token within the Infinity Wallet;

  • Coin info section themed style in the Infinity Wallet;

To be integrated into the token custom list it requires a one-time $500 fee;

Unlike whitelisting, token custom list integration allows any token to take part and be integrated, providing tokens with a more professional view to users.

Once integrated into the custom token list, projects/platforms part of the Infinity ecosystem, and other platforms, designers or developers can use the list and logos for other applications. Giving potential further exposure, for a small one time fee.

To be integrated into the custom list you can find out more on the process via this Github Repository. You can either apply via filling in the Google Form Application or Create a Pull Request as explained within the Github Repository.

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