Infinity Wallet


As one of the initial projects developing within the space since before DeFi was a buzzword, we plan to continue to be at the forefront of DeFi & Web3, and to do so aim to further innovate the Infinity Ecosystem with new services, features, protocols and platforms.
In line with our historical approach, we will continue to further push innovation and in doing so will collaborate with other projects, chains, tokens, DApps and partners to identify new ways to bring further value to DeFi and the wider crypto market.

Developments Planned 2023-2024

We have a vast roadmap with a lot we aim to accomplish, below are some of the future roadmap developments planned:
  • Infinity Wallet Mobile for Android and iOS;
  • Rework of the Infinity Wallet Desktop user interface to further enhance the user experience;
  • In-wallet staking, allowing users to easily stake within the wallet with a range of PoS, DPoS, Token based, or other staking coins/tokens;
  • Referral system allowing users to invite their friends and earn, as well as earn NFT achievements;
  • Further improve in-wallet market stats with additional data and real-time updating;
  • Hardware wallet support;
  • Advanced in-wallet trading interface for centralized and decentralized exchanges (making it possible to perform any trading activities within a single interface for seamless usability);
  • DeFi Lending & Borrowing;
  • DeFi Crypto Bags;
  • U2F wallet encryption support, making a users wallet as near to secure as a hardware wallet;
  • Infinity Wallet Browser Extension;
  • Infinity Browser Web3;
  • New wallet types (social wallets, cloud wallet and more);
  • Infinity Visa crypto card;
  • Launchpad;
  • Much more ...
Additionally, we will continue to focus on finding ways to further improve the user experience, while also working closely with users and the community on their feedback, ideas and general market demands.