DApp Connect Integration

Infinity Wallet provides users with the ability to access DApps & Web3 platforms directly within the Infinity Wallet, through a feature we call “Browser-less DApps”. This feature provides users, DApps and chains with a wide range of benefits, while enhancing the overall user experience and allowing for more fluid and uninterrupted use.

How to add Infinity Wallet connect to your DApp?

To integrate Infinity Wallet connecting to your DApp you will need to follow the integration guide for the chain your DApp is on, please look at the guides provided below.

Additionally, you will need to add to your interface an option to connect with the Infinity Wallet either with the Infinity Wallet logo or Infinity Wallet logo + text, as an example:

Media Assets:

Integration Guide:

To integrate Infinity Wallet Connecting for a DApp on a supported EVM Chain please use the following guide:

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